DBautos offers a range of services for your vehicle from minor repairs to extensive fault finding.

Some of the work we carry out on a daily basis includes the following,

Vehicle Servicing    Prices Start From As Little As £60

A vehicle service is a routine check over of the vehicle, checking and reporting any problems or defects on the car which could be a concern in the near future, or already needs resolving. Dependant on which service your vehicle requires determines which parts need to be replaced. If it is a small service then this usually requires just the oil filter to be replaced along with an oil change, and a full check over of the car.

If it is a larger service this usually involves the replacement of all filters including air filter, oil filter, pollen/cabin filter, fuel filter and spark plugs where applicable, along with an oil Change and a full check over of the and also a diagnostic check of the car. 

A service should be carried out at least once a year but can also be required sooner depending on how many miles the vehicle has covered, the time frame is usually displayed in your handbook. It is also recommended to carry out a winter check to prepare the vehicle for the winter conditions such as the icy roads and and temperature change.


Mercedes Benz Digital Service Booklet (DSB)

The Digital Service Booklet offered by Mercedes Benz was introduced back in 2008 and is now the modern era of service records for a vehicle to be kept updated electronically. The key benefit to this being brought out was to limit the risk of paper records being misplaced, and a new print out can be easily obtained to hand to the customer. With this system in place we are now able to access a log of all previous service work recorded on your digital booklet and easily identify what would be required for your next service.
Being registered with Mercedes Benz UK, we also have the ability to be able to input new data into your service booklet and record what work we have undertaken on your Mercedes vehicle. 

Service history records being kept updated is important not only for new cars for warranty purposes, but also used cars, as generally a vehicle with a Previous good service history record will have more resale value and appeal than one without. If a stamp is still required for a physical copy record then DBautos will happily assist with this.


Diagnostic Check    Price £35

A diagnostic check will give you detailed information regarding a specific problem you have with your vehicle or have had and is still stored in the vehicles ecu. With the specialist diagnostic equipment I have, I can go deep in depth into resolving the problem on the vehicle which is causing a malfunction. I can also carry out programming of control modules or adaptations to certain makes of vehicles such as adding cruise control or changing user settings like auto fold mirrors or turning off daytime running lights.


Timing Belt Replacements    Prices Start From Around £110

Timing Belt also reffered to as Cambelts are due at various times dependant on the vehicle make model and mileage. For instance a 2005 VW Golf could be due every 40000 miles or every 4 years, where as a 2005 Renault Megane would be due at 72000 miles or 5 years. Every vehicle is different but if yours is fitted with one it is strongly recommended you stick to the schedules. Failing to do so can result in serious engine failure.

We are able to carry out Cambelt changes on most vehicles where needed including replacement of water pumps pulleys and all auxillery belts where required.


M.O.T Collection And Delivery     Price £55

An M.O.T is required by law for your vehicle, failing to obtain one can result in expensive costs or even worse vehicle seizure. So I will collect and take it to an approved M.O.T testing station. By offering this service you can be sure that your vehicle will be checked over properly as being in the motor trade and being an M.O.T  tester myself I know which garages to steer clear off and which to use, so you are able to go about your day, and upon return your car is ready to go. If any problems are found with the vehicle I will go through them with you to get your car fit and healthy again.

Above is just a small sample of what I can offer, please get in touch for any help or advice you need and I will be happy to help.